1. Wisdom found in the elementary school library, a kids book version of Tolstoy’s “Three Questions”


  2. Thank god it’s Thursday. I’m dead, my second grade class has killed me. 😭 Ramallah mañana.


  3. We’re in the kitchen pretty much all the time. Pretty into the shisha and Frida combo. (at نابلس-Nablus)



  5. Fresh journal, hotel key, The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P on my Kindle, handcream (must care for myself tonight of all nights), and my email up on the MacBook… Waiting to hear whether we can enter Israel, or whether I’m buying a ticket to Jordan instead. This is a strange night, strangely beautiful under the obvious anxiety.


  6. All my possessions now. Not exactly minimalist but close enough.


  7. Bangs, guys.

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  8.  ”Get so upset that you start looking at plane tickets to Ferguson. Realize that this is a massive civil rights issue. This is absolutely absurd and both reflects and predicts a broken, evil thing.”


  9. Emergency wisdom tooth removal. Why.


  10. I am the sea and nobody owns me.
    — Pippi Longstocking (1997)

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  11. HER??


  12. Rihanna for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

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  13. Hand me down maps from my father for navigating the world I love the old fashioned way. #lovethese



  15. I miss you when it rains. 

    I can feel us, laying in bed in Istanbul. I remember the way my heart soared picking you up from Germany, you nearly dropped your bags and ran through the rain to me. 

    I don’t miss you always but I still manage to miss you when it rains.